Why isn’t Montclair getting a fair share?

The Montclair Patch
By Mark C. Alexander

Last week, the New Jersey Department of Education released State aid funding figures for school districts in the coming fiscal year. Overall, I was pleased to see Governor Christie increase education funding by $97.3 million dollars. Investing in our children is important, and I am glad the Governor recognized the importance of giving our students all they need to succeed. However, I was dismayed that Montclair again received an overall 0% increase in education aid.

As I read this news, as a father and taxpayer, I wondered why we didn’t get any increase in funding for our schools. Where is the leadership on getting Montclair its fair share of the pie? Our community and taxpayers deserve better. Senator Nia Gill needs to be accountable for this lack of leadership in advocating for Montclair. But after being in Trenton for twenty years, Senator Gill doesn’t bring the kind of energy, leadership or constituent services that we deserve in the 34th District.

With four children currently in Montclair’s public schools, I see firsthand the quality education they are receiving. Our schools are a model for academic success in New Jersey. But that doesn’t mean Montclair schools shouldn’t receive their fair share in education funding. Our community is facing the same issues as so many across New Jersey. For Montclair to receive a 0% increase in education funding is unacceptable. Despite her long tenure in Trenton. Sen. Gill is not bringing home the vital State aid and education-funding Montclair deserves

That is evident with Montclair’s 0% increase this year.

We need a State Senator in Trenton who will fight for every dollar available for our four communities. Right now, Clifton, East Orange, Montclair, and Orange are not getting the advocacy they deserve from our State Senator.