5 Best Online Sources to Build Resumes

The first thing that connects you with an employer is your resume. The way it is usually done nowadays like escaping from making any effort, is you just paste your resume data on template you get from a friend or on a liked format, after that you take a black and white dull print out of it and become added face in the job seeking crowd, and mail to prospective employers or drop its hard copy. This is an outdated process of resume crafting; it’s like placing the first step wrong footed.

Now its high time for a change, knock-out your potential employers with a crisp new look to your resumes, with announcing yourself in a modern and expert way, this is possible now relatively easily with the assistance of online sources.

In this article we will educate you about some best online sources to build resume in an appropriate manner. These sources will escort you across every feature of creating your resume or CV. This would be handy for fresh graduates who are uncertain about this trait. Most of these online sources permits you the option to download a PDF, ready-for-print version, and all you required to do is fill in your desired details. By doing this you create a resume in soft copy for yourself simply.



LinkedIn is the renowned connecting site for professionals and if you haven’t as of now have a complete LinkedIn profile, it’s a great spot to begin building your resume. You just have to create a complete LinkedIn profile with putting your complete data as required step by step on site then you can import the data you have put into the LinkedIn profile to make a resume effortlessly.

LinkedIn likewise gives you a chance to have your data into a proficient looking printable PDF structure. This feature can be accessed by merely clicking on your profile tab of LinkedIn account, you will se taps mentioning edit alongside complete your profile with a small dropdown tab just move your cursor on it and you will see the option of Export to PDF. 



DoYouBuzz is an interactive and interesting online source to create your resume in a contemporary and professional way. This sites online recourse tools lets you choose a preferred impressive template to put your data in it, for the way you want your resume should look like. It’s a simple yet innovative way to craft your CV.

You can start from step by step format of resume building on DoYouBuzz, the site also provides the leverage to import your LinkedIn data as well after registering an accou8nt on site. So after completing the process of resume making the option of downloading it in PDF format is also available for later use.



Resume.com is another handy and lucrative online resource to build your professional & eye catchy resume. The site provides you simple layer-by-layer data entering sections with examples and tips to guide a layman how to do it. After simply putting your information you can publish your resume and can also get its DOC or PDF copy too.

The most interesting feature of Resume.com is that when you complete the process of your resume building, it provides you a redirecting link/ URL, which will look like resume.com/username. This link can be provided to any employer or even to any one to look at your resume stored on the site. 



VisualCV is a tremendous paragon to build resume for your dream job. The online resource makes available virtual resume builder and also the up to date database of job openings as well.

Site lets you craft a fantastically refined looking resume of your no matter from what field professional or a newbie you are. You can simply craft a noticeable simple to read fittingly formatted profound resume that will surely strike recruiter. Moreover, after creating your resume on VisualCV user can simply share it on leading social networking sites as well, to show what have in store as far as your resume capability is concern.

CV Maker

CV Maker

CVMaker.com is another valuable online CV builder tool that supports process in 17 languages for worldwide reach. Its one of the simplest way of online resume making, guided with data entering kind of format with a customizable editor to rewrite any provided information. 

On the other hand, you can easily add your particular segments alongside rich text structuring option. You have to register on site to save and update your resume whenever you want and can also download the resume in PDF, HTML or TXT formats.

Best Tools to Speedup Your Windows 7/8/8.1 Computer

The majority of download agents always seem complaining about the slow speed of their Windows Computers. That can be attained by using the tools we are going to introduce here. These are indeed the best and top-ranking tools for speeding up your PC that is running on Windows. So, Let’s have a look on the features of every tool to know their functionality.

Best Tools to Speedup Your Windows


PCSpeedUp is indeed what every Windows Computer user should have in its system. It is responsible for a thorough checkup of your system frequently and lets you know regarding all of the issues causing your system slow down. Its powerful scanner enables you to know about incorrect internet settings or faults in your system.

If your PC is running slowly and stucks time and again, PCSpeedUp is all you need to speed your PC up. It improves the speed by cleaning up the hard disk and system. In this way it makes sure the snappier speed of PC to give you a sigh of relief. Another feature of PCSpeedUp is that of the Safegaurd of your PC’s performance. It protects the performance and enables you to open files and folders quicker.

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Easy Speed PC

If you are looking for one solution of all of your problems related to PC, Easy Speed PC provides you the expected support. It fixes all of the issues whether your system is freezing up or needs to be restarted. Whether it is the issue of hard disk running on lower space or to get rid of the clutter of folders and useless files.

It helps you in fixing all of these issues to give you optimum level of speed. Sometimes your PC becomes irresponsive and does show the required speed. Easy Speed PC provides you the solution of this issue and provides the optimum performance according to functionality. If your PC is facing some serious issues, it detects and cleans the registry for a stable OS.

By using this amazing tool, you can remove all of the corrupted and unnecessary registry. If you have deleted a registry by mistake, you can restore them by using this tool. It can be downloaded from the link below by paying only $29.95.

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FullSpeed PC

FullSpeed PC is the solution of your every problem related to your PC. If it finds some errors while scanning your system, it removes them safely without affecting other files and folders. It is the best tool to enhance the speed of your PC by removing all of the useless registries as these registries can cause frequent crashes and thus, your system may be stuck occasionally.

By using this useful tool, you can have an error-free and speedier PC with peak performance. FullSpeed PC gives you Money Back guarantee. You can download it with 30 days guarantee. If you are not satisfied with its performance, your money will be refunded to you. So, make your system error-free by downloading it now.

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Virto Project Management Better manages your Corporate Projects

A strong grasp over any project needs to obtain the heights of success in that project and a strong management is surely the key to success in any project. You need to manage all tasks in the estimated time, according to the estimated budget. Virto Project Management is here to fulfill all of your needs in managing any project. It is a template that can be used for various types of project management. Let’s have a look on its salient features.

Why Virto Project Management Tool is For You?

It tracks the time accurately that is required for completion of the project. You can view and measure the entire movement of your project, whether it is going on steadily or a bit slow. It notifies you on the arrival of a new email and even its reminder is here to remind you regarding any important task or budget related matters. You can add all of the To-dos and tasks in its “Project Tasks & To-dos” section that reminds you what steps you need to take next. A proper division and organization of resources that should be utilized in the project can be made possible by using “Project Resource Utilization” feature of Virto Project Management Tool.

Virto Project Management Review

It does even more for the project managers by providing them a thorough grasp over their project with the help of some of its advanced features given below.

Project Planning

Project planning is an initial and very important phase of any project that requires a complete detail of every component going to be used in the project. The Gantt Tool of Virto Project Management tool provides you a thorough assistance in this matter. You can build a complete content of your plan, including the tasks, the start date of your project and the day when it ends, the investment and details of other resources.

Project Dashboard

This is very important feature of the tool that enables you to have a clearer vision of the implementation of the project in time. You can review the progress of your project and the required resources that needs to be used ahead. You can review the list of incomplete tasks. By using this feature you can easily concentrate over the incomplete portions of the project. Your project dashboard can be shared with other people with the help of this tool. Moreover, it generates an overall summary dashboard that can be used in other projects.

Monitoring of Project

It monitors your project and its Virto Project Monitor tool promptly generates a comprehensive plan for the project and set various dependencies and resources according to the tasks for action. You can use this feature for adding notes in the plan and write some priorities if you want to complete your project on time.

Project Budgeting

Project Budgeting is another very important feature in this tool. It gives you to manage your expenses, according to the resources available from different ways and enables you to track these expenses completely. You can keep in view the entire information regarding the material cost, equipment cost and the man power expenses, etc. Its component, known as Expense Tracking enables you to track your costs from the start to end date to ensure the completion of your project in available budget.

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